Plain language: A 35-year-old father is looking for a stem cell donor

Stem cells are in the blood and bone marrow. They multiply themselves. And the stem cells are important for the body to be able to produce blood. People who have blood disorders sometimes need a stem cell donation. Leukemia is also sometimes called blood cancer. In leukemia, the body makes diseased blood cells. People with leukemia have too few healthy blood cells. A stem cell donation can save the lives of sick people. A sample is given for a typing. You can have blood drawn or swab your cheeks. Then you are registered as a stem cell donor. This is also called typing.

When donating stem cells, blood is usually drawn. This takes 4 to 6 hours and you can go home afterwards. Sometimes you need a donation from the bone marrow. This is done in the hospital under anesthesia. You have to stay in the hospital for 1 night. An anesthetic gives you a drug that you sleep with and don’t feel any pain. Anesthesia is used during an operation. Before you donate stem cells, you will be thoroughly examined.

So far, almost 150,000 people have registered as donors with the “Give for Life” association. Since then, almost 400 donors have been found. In 2022, almost 100 donors were found. This year, 38 people in Eberndorf have already been typed. In October 2022, 41 people were typed in Völkermarkt. More than 300 euros were also donated to the “Give for Life” association.

Help for a family father from Wolfsberg

In Wolfsberg, a family father needs a stem cell donor very quickly. So that the man can get help quickly, there are appointments for a typing in the Wolfsberg and Völkermarkt districts. This is what the “Give for Life” association does. There are several dates on which one can be typed.

A cheek swab can save lives

When typing, a smear is taken from the cheek. Only healthy people can do the cheek swab. You can take the swab between the ages of 17 and 45. You can also do the cheek swab at home. Typing can save lives. For example from the father of the family from Wolfsberg.

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