Plan blanc at Mulhouse hospital

The white plan was launched on Tuesday, September 21 at the Mulhouse hospital. In question: the lack of personnel. A situation under control according to the management who still calls patients to go to the emergency room only in case of absolute necessity.

A tense situation. The white plan was launched on Tuesday, September 21 at the Mulhouse hospital and at the Mulhouse Sud Alsace hospital group (GHRMSA). The group explained in a press release to face “a critical situation marked by the continuation of the management of the health crisis, the need for reinforcements of human resources, the reduction in the number of beds linked to a consequent absenteeism”.

A crisis situation to deal with the suspension of unvaccinated staff, sick leave and unreplaced vacant positions. Of the 6,000 employees of the establishment, 174 were suspended because they were not vaccinated (66 nurses, 40 nursing assistants, 19 secretaries and 1 doctor). Faced with an overload of work, the establishment announced to activate the white plan. Non-urgent operations will be deprogrammed and additional personnel will be requested.

This Monday, September 27, lawyer André Chamy, specializing in labor law, announces that he will initiate summary proceedings against the State which has imposed the vaccination obligation at the request of 400 caregivers suspended from their professional activity before the Mulhouse judicial court (68). Most of them are healthcare professionals or administrative staff working in hospitals. Half of the files concern the Mulhouse region.

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