Planas highlights the role of research in agricultural progress

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has assured that research and applied academic knowledge will play a crucial role in the progress of a more sustainable agricultural activity.

Luis Planas has participated in the delivery of the Fertiberia Award for the best doctoral thesis on agricultural issues, an award that has established itself as a reference appointment for researchers in their task of providing high-level studies to contribute to a more sustainable agriculture. In particular, the minister highlighted that both the winning thesis by Alejandro Jiménez Gómez, and the second prize, by Mónica Navarro Rodríguez, are of the utmost interest to agriculture.

In his speech, he expressed the need to advance in the solution to the need for fertilization to ensure sufficient food, while paying special attention to caring for the soil and improving biodiversity. It has encouraged to reduce its use or change its form of application, through the use of a higher proportion of organic fertilization and a more timely application and in the right dose.

For this, the minister considers it essential to increase investment in R + D + ie to promote training and advice to farmers so that they can better plan fertilization and move towards precision fertilization.


In this context, he stressed the Government’s commitment to promoting and progressing a more sustainable agricultural sector, in a process of balanced and progressive transformation over time. For this, the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan will offer great opportunities to promote a more sustainable and ecological production.