Plane crash in the province of Lecco | Airplane against mountain | Except driver from Turin

A 53-year-old Turinese is in serious condition at the Niguarda hospital in Milan after a plane crash on Monte Legnone, in the province of Lecco, late yesterday morning, Wednesday 16 March 2022. He was on board an Aermacchi M- 346 departed from the Venegono base (Varese) which crashed in the Valle Cà de Legn area. He works for Leonardo Comnpany after having been in the air force and would not be in danger of life.

Both pilots on board managed to eject each other by jumping with a parachute before the impact: the Turinese was saved while the British David Ashley, 50, died in the impact with a rock. Mountain rescue recovered his body and rescued the wounded. It is assumed that at the base of the tragedy there was a mechanical failure. In fact, some witnesses would have seen a fireball falling on the mountain.

Plane crash on Legnone: the video of the rescue operations