Planet Mars it is at the center of an amazing announcement that was made for all mankind, and it is something that no one expected so early, but when there is initiative, things go in the right direction. JAXA, the Japanese space agency, has officially announced that it intends to send a spacecraft to Mars equipped with cameras capable of filming in 8K format everything that exists on the planet’s surface.

Planet Mars it has been photographed so far with the help of cameras that have been equipped with spacecraft and robots that have been sent by NASA, mainly, but things are changing radically. JAXA wants to record 4K and 8K images with both the planet Mars and the orbiting months, Phobos and Deimos, but it is not known at what resolution they will be sent to Earth, given the very large size they will have they.

Planet Mars: AMAZING Announcement, INCREDIBLE Plan Revealed

Planet Mars will have some images sent to Earth by the spacecraft that will be sent there by JAXA, while other images will be stored in a special capsule that will be sent to Earth by the Japanese. JAXA is currently planning to send its spacecraft to the planet Mars somewhere in 2024, so it should get there in 2025, so we still have a long way to go before everything happens.

Planet Mars would have for the first time recorded images of this kind by scientists, and this in the conditions in which so far we have seen only images of not very great quality, they being recreated from multiple images sent from Earth. Of course, things are changing for the better, of course we will have a much clearer picture of everything that happens on the planet Mars, but everything will only be in 4-5 years, if things go in the right direction.

Planet Mars it is at the center of many missions that are currently underway, with various space agencies wanting to get there as soon as possible, and we will certainly see many more high-resolution images in the years to come.

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