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Planet X brings apocalypse by turning the poles of Earth – Doomsday Preacher


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Also referred to as Nibiru, Planet X has long been a central symbol of a plethora of conspiracy theories, including amusing predictions that the approaching mysterious planet will massively increase Earth's gravity and cause more than just tidal deviations.

The so-called Planet X, another name for the oft-theoretical planetary descent planet of Nibiru, will reverse Earth's magnetic poles and dramatically change the planet's appearance if it comes around soon, according to conspiracy theorist and Doomsday preacher Gordon James Gianninoto.

A notorious belief that the unlikely, mythical planet Nibiru will suddenly appear in our solar system before reversing Earth's magnetic poles and unleashing wild gravity, predicts that devastating earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis will cause an apocalypse.

In a live conversation with the Coast to Coast AM radio, Gianninoto claimed that Planet X would not approach Earth directly when it took its toll, and at the same time noticed that the size of the still-undefended celestial body, much larger than Our earth means that it will strike at an amazing distance of 24 million km. When Nibiru arrives, it will take an hour for the planet to eradicate 90 percent of humanity, the conspiracy theorist concluded in his sinisterly dismal prognosis.

"What will happen first is that there will be more and more earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves and major storms," ​​the preacher enthused, adding, "We'll have all sorts of things and the pace will continue to the point where governments can not save anyone, you are alone and you will see that this happens. "

"Just before Planet X has finally moved far enough away from the Sun, everyone on Earth can look up and go," Oh my God, how did it get there and they never told us? As? Who lied to us? "He went on and urged everyone within earshot to mark" this day "in calendars, as he estimated that only 49 days would remain until a" pole shift ", with the seas expected to rise by up to 40%. At least 213 Meter.

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Conspiracy theories around the mysterious Nibiru say that the mythical planet goes through our solar system every 3600 years on a long and elliptical orbit. NASA and the rest of the world's scientific community have dismissed all allegations about Nibiru as a joke.



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