The pioneering company in the curious space industry, Planetary Resources, was acquired by a blockchain firm this week. ConsenSys is the organization founded by Joe Lubin, one of the authors of Ethereum, and based in Brooklyn behind the acquisition. From what little is known about future projects, Lubin said it is "decentralizing space projects," TechCrunch reported.

"I admire Planetary Resources for its world-class talent, its track record of innovation and for inspiring people from all over the planet to support its bold vision for the future," Lubin said in a statement. "The incorporation of deep space into the ecosystem of ConsenSys reflects our belief in the potential of Ethereum to help humanity design new systems of social rules through automated trust and guaranteed execution. And it reflects our belief in the democratization and decentralization of space efforts to unite our species and unlock untapped human potential. "

Lubin also promised to offer more information in the coming months. Meanwhile, Planetary Resources CEO Chris Lewicki (formerly of NASA JPL) and General Counsel Brian Israel will join ConsenSys. Here is what Lewicki said: "I am proud of the extraordinary achievements of our team, I am grateful to our visionary supporters and I am pleased to join ConsenSys in building our work to expand the economic sphere of influence of humanity in the Solar system".

Founded in 2010 as Arkyd Astronautics, Planetary Resources was considered a bright light in the world of privatized space companies, with the founder of the X Prize Peter Diamandis as director. Earlier this year, however, the company noted that it was reconsidering its approach and making cuts after failing to secure its most recent funding round.


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