Plans for the Book Fair during the bridge

There are books that leave their mark, as there are also those that are a bridge, with knowledge, travel in all its dimensions, reality, fantasy, history, love or with the simple, and always well received, entertainment, which It’s not little. The metaphorical bridge that the books represent merges and embraces the labor bridge that the calendar promotes, at the start of the Seville Book Fairagain in the fall and again in the New Square, with extension, a few meters, in San Francisco. Here are some notes on what you can find in the bookish appointment on this recently started bridge, which due to temperature and duration is the perfect excuse to cross that other bridge, the metaphorical one, that books build.

On Saturday the 29th, in the morning, the interesting cycle begins, organized by the Andalusian Center of Letters, Seville, literary inspiration, and he does it in a big way, recovering the figure of an essential journalist and writer as he is Manuel Chavez Nogales. Maribel Cintas, Rosario Ramos and Juan Antonio Rodríguez Tous, moderated by Marta Maldonado, will address the influence of the city of Seville on Chaves Nogales, and that it is not limited to its prodigious Juan Belmonte, bullfighter. If you go to the Book Fair with your children, keep in mind that various activities have been scheduled for both children and adolescents, storytelling in the space once upon a time, on the Saint Francis Squareor discovering The detective in you. Another discovery of Maria Lejarraga, invisible writer in the shadows, recently recovered by the filmmaker Laura Hojman in his documentary (pre-selected for the next Goya awards), which will talk with Mercedes de Pablos. You also have the opportunity to walk, and tour with its author, Nerea I succeedthe real spaces through which his new novel passes, The city under the moon. Between signatures, meetings, and more presentations (where not all those who are, or should be, are always there), we arrive at the afternoon of this Saturday long weekend, which offers us the second installment of Seville, Literary Inspiration, this time starring for the great, expansive and unrepeatable Rafael Cansinos Assens, Literate with capital letters. Rafael Manuel Cansinos Ignacio F. Garmendia y Mario Alvarez Porromoderated by Amalia Bulnes, are responsible for bringing us closer to this legendary literary figure. Proustwith or without cupcake, to close a late Saturday night of summer Sevillian, thanks to the reissue made by the publisher The walk, of David G. Romero, in collaboration with the French Institute of Culture, of the majestic In search of lost time.

A bridge Sunday is less Sunday, which for many will be almost a new Friday, if the labor accounts have settled. Graceful them. On the last Sunday of October, and the first of the Book Fair, the cycle Seville, Literary Inspiration continues, also with a double appointment as the day before. In the morning, the Machado brothers appear at the top of the bill, and Antonio Rodríguez Almodóvar, Victoria León and Laura Hojman (director of the superb documentary the blue days), moderated by Sara Arguijo, will be the evocators. In the afternoon, Rivero Taravillo, Jacobo Cortines and Carmen Camacho will immerse attendees in the Ocnos by Luis Cernuda. On Sunday there are numerous presentations, among which we can highlight those of That of the Cross, the heiresses, Carmen Moreno, Gentlemen prefer them deador the presentation of the winning work of the 1st City of Lebrija Novel Award, mexican beer, by its author, Susana Hernandez. And Sunday can also be a good day for discoveries, Amparo Rubiales and Eva Diaz Perez will be in charge of unraveling Mercedes Formica. Throughout the day, a succession of children’s and youth activities, especially in the morning, with that new and fresh light provided by the time change, and which turns into darkness in the early afternoon

Though Monday, this October 31 it can be special, with a literary imprint, even in the midst of the effervescence of the bridge. All the activities concentrated in the afternoon, such as the Espacio Unia, Isolated: Fiction and Survival from Robinson Crusoe to Mark Watneywith the intervention of Amaya Garcia and Alberto Minguez. The series Seville, Literary Inspiration continues, this time dealing with the figure of the legendary Fernando Villalon, insatiable seeker of the green-eyed bull, which will be commented by Jacques Issorel and Juan Diego Mata Marchena, moderated by Eva Díaz Pérez. The conversation between Mercedes de Pablos and Fernando Repisowho will settle accounts with their latest works, The angel of peace and other stories y The needles of the night. Everything that begins comes to an end, the tuesday november 1, day of memories and absences, and also of hangovers and wrinkled costumes and battered make-up in recent years, the bridge ends, but the Seville Book Fair continues. A colorful morning, the proposal, with storytellers, the centenary of Pier Paolo Pasolini. The boys of the stream, with the intervention of Miguel Ángel Cuevas, Diego Moreno and Rosalía Gómez, and candles and maybe incense, with the presentation of the images of the Via Crucis of Holy Week in Seville, by Fernando Gabardon de la Banda y Bald Roman. In the afternoon, among others, presentation of the new work by Felipe Benítez Reyes, The property of paradiseby Magallanes & Co, by Isabel Soler, to end with a round table on The new wonderful literature, by María Zaragoza, Luis Manuel Ruiz and Concepcion Pereamoderated by Jordi Noguera Footprints, books, inspirations, a legion of authors (delighted to stamp their signatures and dedications on their acquisitions), titles and activities for all ages, a bridge between books, at the Seville Book Fair.