An innovative and ecological plant tar exists. Made from pine-based vegetable oils to replace oil. To produce it, the process remains simple. The existing road is broken and mixed with the vegetable emulsion before reapplication, cold, to avoid CO2 emissions. "We use a totally renewable raw material"says Frédéric Loup, Research and Innovation Director at Eiffage."It is a local resource, it limits the costs of transport, the use of new materials, inconvenience to users, our greenhouse gas emissions"he continues.

This sustainable road has been tested on a 2.5 km stretch of road. This technique obviously has a cost: 250 000 € for this test, 20% more than a conventional process. The project is fully funded by the department. "The long-term goal is to find a substitute for bitumen and in the short term to follow up for three years", says Cédric Hermitte, engineer.The follow-up will be done by laboratories and if the experiment is conclusive, the project could be generalized on all the French roads.

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