Plants at stake for human health

Since July 1, 2021, plant sellers (nurserymen, garden centers, landscapers) are required to inform individuals about the risk that certain plants or plant products present to harm human health.

Indeed, the decree of September 4, 2020, “the health law”, determines the information methods for buyers and a restrictive list of 58 plants which can cause poisoning, mucocutaneous reactions or abnormal skin reactions in the event of exposure to the sun in humans.

This information must be given before the plants are sold, whether it is a retail sale, a distance sale, a public purchase or the provision of services.

So the 58 plants are classified into three categories :

– Species which may be toxic if ingested,

– Species whose pollen can cause respiratory allergy,

– Species which may cause skin reactions.

In order to inform buyers of plants, sellers of plants must set up a label, sign, brochure, display, product descriptive medium or any other information medium bearing information on the dangers of the plant. (Click here to access the toolbox).

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health, and FREDON France, have put the site online in order to provide information on the means to limit risks, the reflexes to have in the event of symptoms but also on the benefits of plants.

This operation is carried out within the framework of the national environmental health plan, which aims to strengthen information on animal and plant species that have an impact on human health.