Plastic, It’s Fantastic ? Expo in Bordeaux

An exhibition in Bordeaux retraces the history of plastic and the problems it poses, then the Christmas market opens in Charente-Maritime and a solidarity festival is held in La Rochelle.

It is a rich and paradoxical story of 150 years that is told in an exhibition event in Bordeaux, until December 31, 2022. Despite its undeniable usefulness and the extraordinary progress it has made possible, plastic today overwhelms the earth with nearly six billion tons produced each year. Through photographs, videos and infographics, “Planet or Plastic ?questions the visitor and highlights the concrete measures to reduce the consumption of plastic.
« It’s an exhibition that shows the beauty of plastic with incredible photos because they look like painters’ paintings, but it also shows the beauty of misfortune with children in the middle of tons of plastic waste.explains Norbert Fradin, owner of the Sea Marine Museum in Bordeaux. “We can see the sea and the ocean conveying all this matter which will end up being ingested by fish or by ourselves. »
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Another activity idea for this first weekend of December. Direction Charente-Maritime, in Royan, for the opening of the Christmas market. It is installed from Place Charles de Gaulle to Esplanade Kerimel de Kerveno. Village of the great Canadian north, ice sculptures, ice rink, city illuminations… It’s until January 1, 2023.
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Finally in La Rochelle, the 25th edition of the Festival des Solidarités is held until Sunday 4 December. In favor of the most precarious, many meetings, workshops and shows are organized throughout the city to talk about young people and their commitment.
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