Plastic waste talk at “hard but fair” Green boss Habeck wants to give up car tires

Plastic waste talk at “hard but fair” Green boss Habeck
 wants to give up car tires

We surf through waste, paddle through debris, swim in floating landfills, and our fish eat the poisonous products of plastics chemistry. Frank Plasberg loses his appetite: “An ocean of plastic – drowning the seas in our garbage?”

The guests ► Robert Habeck (48, Greens). The new eco-star denounces that food is already thrown away in their plastic packaging.
► Heike Vesper (48, CDU). The marine advocate sounds the alarm: plastic particles kill millions of birds, fish and turtles! ► Dirk Steffens (50). The science journalist calls for taxes on plastic disposable items such as the coffee-to-go cups. ► Rüdiger Baunemann (56). The hard-hitting chief lobbyist of PlasticsEurope Germany is hard to crack, saying things like “Plastic is often better than paper!”
► Thomas Roeb (53). The professor of commercial management also sees the consumers in the duty: “Everyone wants protective plastic packaging!” ► Kerstin Mommsen. The journalist tries with her family to totally do without plastic. Attention, do not confuse: the “Plas” in “plastic” comes from the Greek “plassein” for “form”. The “Plas” in “Plasberg” comes from the Dutch and means “puddle”!

Photo: WDR / Dirk Borm “data-zoom-src =” -55078634 / picture / 2.bild.jpg “/> Green boss Robert Habeck provoked with the proposal to want to renounce car tires – “someday” Photo: WDR / Dirk Borm

The talk in the Zoff-O-Meter It is not shallow today, and the Zoff-O-Meter starts immediately. Journalist Steffens locates the biggest plastic sinners in China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Plasberg leaves him immediately: “Then we stop the program immediately, because then we are pioneers …” Too soon looked forward to Stop! We Germans are still to blame, because, as Steffen: “We export a lot of garbage in these countries, and the microplastic comes directly from here into the sea!”
Habeck puts it in a nutshell: “The perverted thing is that the most durable material is made just for disposable items. Disposable dishes, disposable razors, straws … “That’s the first applause.

Photo: WDR / Dirk Borm “data-zoom-src =” picture / 2.bild.jpg “/> Journalist Kerstin Mommsen tries to do without plastic, no longer buys pre-packaged goods Photo: WDR / Dirk Borm

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