Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Home Sport Platense surprises and beats Motagua in the National

Platense surprises and beats Motagua in the National

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Platense was made with an oxygen tank to beat the night of this Wednesday by 0-1 Motagua in the National Stadium. Diego Reyes scored the only goal of the game corresponding to the sixth day of the Closing Tournament 2019.

With this surprise result the eagles remain in the third place of the standings and if this Thursday Olimpia wins (against Juticalpa) they will come fourth in the duel against Marathon.

The beginning of the game did not give lights about the final score, because the dominion and control of the game were on the blue side. The clearest arrivals of the Blue Cyclone were in the legs of Walter Martinez, who shot at minute 23, but Rafa Zúniga capped. The "Colocho" tried again at 36 and this time his shot went wide.

Little by little, the Platense was recovering from the asphyxia to which Motagua submitted it and at minute 36 came the unexpected.

Alexander Aguilar received a ball in the midfield and immediately sent a pass between lines for Diego Reyes, he advanced to the blue frame, cut Denil Maldonado who came out and then with a right placed Jonathan Rougier beat the 0-. one


In the second half, Motagua went on the attack, but without despair. And Platense emboldened, defending well and trying to offend. Going against that mythical idea that the teams of the coast tremble limbs in Tegucigalpa. The Shark did not shake anything.

And the matter got better when minute 58, Walter Martínez was sent off by a violent foul on Kervin Arriaga.

Interestingly, just when he was in numerical advantage, the Buenos Aires team went through more difficulties. Roberto Moreira was in front of Zúniga after a pass from Omar Elvir. A quemarropa could not define, crashed into the thorax of the porter.

The expulsion of Héctor Castellanos gave the headstone to a Motagua who gave the lead.


MOTAGUA: Jonathan Rougier, Juan Pablo Montes, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Santos, Omar Elvir, Walter Martinez, Héctor Castellanos, Jack Baptiste, Kevin Lopez, Marcelo Estigarribia and Roberto Moreira.

PLATENSE: Rafa Zúniga, Juan Boñalos, Jeffri Flores, César Oseguera, Marcos Martínez, Joshua Nieto, Alexander Aguilar, Kevin Arriaga, Pedro Mencía, Diego Reyes (Robbie Matute, min. 85) and Andrés Pineda (Aldo Fajardo, min.75).



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