Atlus fans are certainly welcome when it comes to the new remake of Catherine; The protagonist of Persona 5, also known as Joker, will join the mix.

Unfortunately, he will not be a fourth person to go out with, but instead a playable character in the Babel and Coliseum modes of the game. Joker will not be the only persona 5 character stealing the hearts of the players in the remake, as the rest of the phantom thieves will comment if he plays wild. Joker will only be available to those early birds who are recording first copies of the game.

That's not all the new Full Body News we have; The official Japanese website has been updated with a number of new details translated by Gematsu. The new girl, who was previously inducted into the Full Body Remake, got her nickname "Rin", but it became known that her full name is "Qatherine". The remake will include online combat for the first time, and new puzzles will also have sequence support features. One of these features is that you can automatically climb up with a button, immediately from the point where you have a game, can try again, automatically undo a step and skip a jigsaw puzzle altogether.

A limited edition of the game was also announced – the Catherine: Full Body Dynamite Full Body Box to be precise. It comes with the following goodies (translation provided by Gematsu):

  • A copy of the game for PlayStation 4 or PS Vita
  • Shigenori Soejima-Illustrated Secret Box Art
  • Nero goggles with two DLC product codes
    • Catherine's "Ideal Voice" Set – Change the voice of Catherine in every in-game anime and event scene. A total of nine speakers will be included in the set (Catherine's original voice actress and Mamiko Noto are included in the game for a total of 11 voice actors). This downloadable content will also be sold separately at a later date.
    • Special Content: Nero Glasses – By wearing this special item in the game, the characters that appear in the event scenes and in the bar can be seen in their sexy nightwear (except for some scenes). This downloadable content will also be sold separately at a later date.
  • Four-Disc Catherine and Catherine: Full Body Soundtrack Set
    • CD 01: Catherine Original Soundtrack
    • CD 02: Catherine Klassik Arrange soundtrack
    • CD 03: Catherine: Full Body Soundtrack
    • Disc 04: Speaker Roundtable & Audio Comment
  • 44-page Catherine: full-body art book

In addition, a new trailer for the game has been published, showing the plight of Vincent.

There is a lot to expect from Japanese players who can grab the game on February 14, 2019. Here you can search for the reasons why we are so excited about the game.


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