Play Services prevents Google Maps from running on Huawei and Honor phones


You have a message ” Google Play Services are updating Every time you open Google Maps or even Uber on your Huawei or Honor phone? It’s a Play Services bug and Google knows!

Have you ever been intoxicated after the last metro was over? In these cases, only one solution remains: call an Uber.
Still, it must be possible. But for some Huawei and Honor phone users, a very disturbing bug related to Google Play services simply prevents them from using the Google Maps app or any application based on its maps. These are simply not displayed to make room for the “Google Play Services are updating” message.
No Google Maps on Huawei and Honor
You guessed it: this problem has also reached me using the Huawei P20 Pro over the last few weeks, and would specifically affect Huawei and Honor phone users under EMUI. It seems that the 12.6.73 update of the Google Play Services application is at issue, and not the manufacturer’s interface. Note that the latter also seems to crash Android Auto.
This problem has been identified Google forums as well as on the Google problem tracker . The developer is well aware of the situation, and will soon update its application. The problem is treated in absolute priority.
However, Huawei seems to have admitted some responsibility. A user who contacted the manufacturer had the response that an EMUI update was to be deployed in one to two weeks to resolve “all the worries related to Google Maps.”

How to temporarily solve this problem
Until an update reaches your devices, I can at least tell you how I resolved it. To find a functional Google Maps, I had to dump the data from the Google Play Services app:
Go to your phone settings
Select Apps & Notifications
Choose applications
Search and select “Google Play Services”
Choose Storage
Press on ” Empty the cache ”
Then choose Manage the space
Select “Clear all data”
The procedure is obviously a little violent, and should not be done regularly. Other users have reported that disabling the entire app and restarting the phone may help, or simply uninstall all the updates from the app.
Everything is allowed until a definitive solution is deployed. Let’s hope it happens quickly, since no specific exit window has been given.


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