players can get the Covid vaccine to get bonuses

In Brazil, Pfizer laboratories have decided to join forces with Rockstar and an advertising agency to educate GTA Online players about the Covid-19 vaccination. Indeed, a special mission has been integrated into the game: all you have to do is bring your character to a virtual vaccination center to earn rewards.

Credit: Pfizer

As you may know, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll in Brazil. Indeed, the country led by Jair Bolsonaro has passed the threshold of 600,000 dead. He thus deplores the second worst record in the world, just behind the United States. Recently, the health situation has improved, in particular thanks to the progress of vaccination. However, Brazil still has work to do in this area, with only 49.5% of the population having received a complete vaccination course.

Faced with this observation, Pfizer laboratories have decided to mobilize to educate young people about vaccination against the virus. To do this, the company has joined forces with the American studio Rockstar, the advertising agency Ogilvy Brazil and the creative studio Druid GameWorks.

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gta online vaccination
Credit: Pfizer

GTA Online mobilizes for vaccination against Covid-19

Indeed, a special mission has been integrated on one of the main servers of GTA Online in Latin America: Cidade Alta. a virtual vaccination center was modeled in the multiplayer part of GTA V. Players are invited to attend to vaccinate their avatar against Covid-19. After receiving the precious title injection, players will be able to claim various in-game bonuses, such as a 100% protection bar and a tattoo resembling a bandage topped with a shield.

However, they will first need to take a screenshot of their character in front of the vaccination center and publish it on social networks with the hashtag #VaccinInGame to get the different rewards. All that remains is to hope now that this awareness campaign bears fruit and pushes some Brazilian players of GTA Online who are still unvaccinated to take the plunge.

As a reminder, Rockstar has to deal with player dissatisfaction since the failed launch of GTA The Trilogy. Filled with bugs and various problems, the remastered of these three classics is far from satisfying the community. The American studio officially apologized for the deplorable quality of the title, and deployed patch 1.2 in the process. Unfortunately, it just fixes minor issues.

Source : GamePressure