Ksenia Sobchak played an episodic role in the new series of Konstantin
Bogomolov, with whom the married leading, if you believe the rumors, turbulent romance. Between
However, there is a version that the TV media and the director just play a adultery.

Here are a few
months, people discuss the vicissitudes with which every now and then faces Xenia
Sobchak. The press is constantly emerging new details of her passionate affair with the director
Bogomolov. The TV presenter’s husband adds to the severity of the situation – actor Maxam Vitorgan,
who, a few weeks ago, broke his nose to an alleged opponent.

Meanwhile, more and more people are confident that the love triangle "Vitorgan,
Sobchak, Bogomolov "- this is just a PR campaign. Supposedly scandalous rumors are beneficial
and Xenia, and Constantine.

The TV campaign, for example, right after a fight between a spouse and lover, launched its show on YouTube. It is also rumored that Sobchak fees
for advertising and corporate events after this story has increased markedly.

The director, in turn, also
did not stay in stock. His serial "Sobrank" has not yet appeared on the screens, but already
attracted the attention of the press. The director in his first serial film shot
and Sobchak, and ex-wife Daria Moroz, whom, by the way, entrusted the main role.

By the way, if we assume that this version is true, then it is not entirely unclear what reason Maxim Vitorgan can participate in this foul-smelling tragicomedy. Maybe the TV presenter, playing on feelings, used the unfortunate husband, as, in principle, it is possible that the spouse Sobchak is also not at a loss.


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