Playing with condoms can have nasty consequences: This was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Playing with condoms, especially when they are filled, can have consequences. Just ask Bockie De Repper. He shared his story in ‘The smartest person in the world’ Tuesday evening. We already tell you the punch line, it ends with the sentence: “Then I lay on me.” But the most important question remains of course: who will advance to the semi-finals of this twentieth season?

Eva De Poorter

Tuesday 8 November 2022 at 22:15

Tuesday night’s winner:

Liesbeth Van Impe steams through to the semi-finals.

The loser:

Delphine Lecompte sent Jonas Geirnaert home after a good final.

Wednesday night’s newcomer:

Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis

From best quotes:

Bockie: “With us, there could never be a murder on the train. Suppose you are a murderer, but in half an hour you have already changed platforms four times and then a working student comes and says: your train has been cancelled. After which you have to take the crowded bus home. Then you don’t feel like it anymore.”


Van Looy: “I hardly dare to ask, but Bockie, do you spend time in nature?”

Bockie: “I am crazy about nature. Natural wine, natural mussels, payments in ‘nature-a’. We still have to pay, by the way.”

The most beautiful moment:

“Can I tell a story that I will regret anyway?” When Bockie announces it like that, you prick up your ears. What follows is perhaps the craziest, but also the most hilarious story this season. “It’s the low point of my life. I used a condom, which is the only positive thing about this story. After the game is over, close it. We were still enjoying it, but I was playing with that condom. If you push on it, bubbles will appear. And it explodes in my face… Then I lay on me. I lay there and I thought: It can only get better from here.” We think so too, Bockie.

The standings

1 Bart Cannaerts (17 episodes)

2 Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis (12 episodes)

3 Jonas Geirnaert (5 episodes)

4 Liesbeth Van Impe (4 episodes)

5 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)