PlayStation 5: postpone the event for revelation of games for the console next-gen

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It was expected that on Thursday 4 June, Sony Interactive Entertainment gave us a look at some of the games that we will see in PlayStation 5. That said, the world is going through a situation in which several voices have been raised against injustice, and this has been echoed in various parts of the world. It is for this reason that the company decided to postpone its event.

By means of a press release that shared on social networks, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it will postpone the event PlayStation 5 scheduled for June 4. The above as you want to take a step back and allow other voices to be heard.

“We have decided to postpone the event PlayStation 5 scheduled for June 4. While we understand that players from all over the world are excited to see games for the PlayStation 5, we do not feel that now is a time to celebrate and, for now, we want to give a step to the side and allow important voices to be heard,” explained Sony.

For the moment, Sony has not revealed a new date for the event of games for PlayStation 5. We will be pending and we will notify you when we have more details about it.

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