PlayStation 5: Sony continues to innovate with a customizable controller

After innovating by launching its DualSense wireless controller with the PlayStation 5, Sony continues to make impressive advances in technology. The new proof: the Edge edition of the DualSense, a little gem fully customizable to adapt perfectly to the player.

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The announcement of the DualSense Edge, less than two years after the release of the PlayStation 5, surprised gamers. After all, Sony had already revolutionized the industry with its “basic” model of wireless controller, equipped with, among other things, new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Could the DualSense be perfected even more, and in such a short time? The newspaper played the game with this intriguing Edge controller, which arrived in stores a few days ago.

DualSense Edge

Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Increased comfort

First observation: the grip is surprisingly pleasant, even more so than that of the so-called classic DualSense controllers. The new edition may be slightly heavier – we are talking here about forty grams – but it is distinctly more comfortable to handle even before having started it.

The added texture to the triggers and touchpad is also a nice addition, allowing for superior grip and more organic use. And all of this is instantly noticeable when you take the DualSense Edge out of its box. In short, this new offering from Sony impresses even before discovering its innovative functions.

DualSense Edge

Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Removable parts

Among the most useful, the adjustment of the triggers makes a huge difference, especially in shooters. No need – if desired, of course – to fully depress the L2 and R2 keys to fire; the depth can be blocked at three different levels, granting greater precision and, above all, considerably reducing finger fatigue after a long game.

Speaking of fatigue and discomfort, the DualSense Edge also offers the ability to swap out thumbsticks with two additional models included. In addition to the standard option – the one we all know, with the flattened surface – we are offered two rounded variables. These offer, in our opinion, increased comfort for the thumbs.

These changes are made in a jiffy. No need to take out the tool box, completely disassemble the controller, or even use force to replace the keys or levers. Everything is done smoothly, but above all, without altering the robustness and stability of the keys.

The other fixed keys on the DualSense Edge can be customized using the console software. Want to reverse the triangle and the square? No problem. Prefer to press one of the arrows rather than pull a trigger? Again, no problem here. The possibilities are endless and the freedom is total.

DualSense Edge

Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

The downside

Small downside: Sony has obviously focused more on performance than autonomy. The DualSense Edge therefore contains a battery with a less durable charge, allowing cordless use for approximately five hours. Fortunately for those who are fond of video game marathons, this new model comes with a charging cable of almost three meters. And between uses, it is of course compatible with standard charging stations.

So is this new DualSense Edge worth running to the nearest retailer? In a word, yes.

Of course, you will have to pay $269.99 (plus applicable taxes, of course) to add it to your collection. It is [très] expensive. But the difference is frankly palpable. And the luxury, or high-end character, is reflected in every detail, starting with the carrying case – in colors to match the PS5, of course – included.

After having tried it for a good fifteen hours, we already feel that it will be difficult to return to the classic DualSense controllers.

The DualSense Edge controller is currently available.