The time is just appropriate to celebrate With this reasoning and with a view on the tense political situation in the United States Sony has canceled on Monday evening, for Thursday’s planned presentation to the Playstation 5. “For the Moment we want to hold us back and make that more important voices speak out”, it was said in a Twitter message the official Playstation account.

Previously, Sony had tweeted about the Playstation Account with the Hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. and with many of the protesters had gone after the death of George Floyd against police violence and racism on the street, solidarity with.

In that Tweet, in the name of the Playstation brand, it was, you condemn the systemic racism and violence against the “black Community”. You will work towards a future that is marked by empathy and inclusion, and stand by his “black content creators, players, staff, families and friends”.

Sony’s main account had previously, a similar clearly positioned. “Our products can be replaced,” wrote the main account of the company. “The life?”

Other game companies have taken a position

Originally Sony had wanted to on Thursday evening, starting at 22 o’clock German time, a glimpse of the “future of Gaming” type. It was expected in this context, with scenes from the new releases for the Playstation 5 to come as the competition console Xbox Series X-up to Christmas in the trade.

The next generation of devices is expected by millions of players eagerly – yet still, there was very little video material to the so-called Next-to-consoles. Because of the corona of a crisis a few weeks ago the most important industry trade show, E3 in Los Angeles had been cancelled. The pandemic leads to the fact that many of the games Events take place exclusively online.

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