Even though the second round of the COVID-19 test was negative But for the comfort of everyone and everyone in the family “Ple” Nakorn Silachai Still fulfilled a 14-day detention contract

The latter is one of the risk groups close to “DJ Matum” Techin Ployphet

Although earlier during the detention A picture of the food pick-up will be posted throughInstagramGram some Facebook some MakeWith netizens and friends in the industry to press like With comments to encourage and allow the person to not be infected with many

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Latest today (30 Jan) enters detention on the 11th of “Young Ple Nakorn” Returning to something exciting When he realized there were 7 little kittens under the roof of the house.

“The detention effect today is the 11th …… so that you know Under the rafter on the roof of our house, there are fist-like kittens that should be around a month old… .. .. Run around 7 of them… .. !!!… ..

Ple Post through Instagram ple_nakorn

Make the Silachai family fans. Cheering, parade for comments “4 O”, raise it

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