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Facebook's Messenger application is set to launch a new feature over the next few days, which has been a major success in Watsab's instant messaging application.

According to the newspaper "The Sun" British, the Messenger decided to run the service "delete the message" after sending so that the future does not see.

The newspaper added: "The property has attracted the attention of Watasab, so it will be necessary to implement on a messenger."

Users will be able to permanently delete messages by clicking the "Edit" option, then "Cancel" or "UNSEND", and The deletion feature will remain valid for up to 10 minutes after the message is sent.

A number of users said that the advantage already appeared on their application, while the Sun revealed that the circulation of all accounts will be in the new update to Messenger.

Watsab launched the service in late 2017, when it was only seven minutes before the message was sent, before the application changed the duration of the message to an hour and 8 minutes.

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