Please be patient, Toyota Fortuner 2,800 Cc has many fans, this is the indent

Rindra P/JIP

Toyota Fortuner 2,800 cc has quite a lot of fans – Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) recently released the Toyota Fortuner diesel with an engine capacity of 2,800 cc.

This 2,800 cc Toyota Fortuner does not replace the 2,400 cc engined Toyota Fortuner which has been circulating and has been in demand.

Mentioned by Dimas Aska, Interactive Communication Dept. Head of PT Toyota Astra Motor, the demand for the 2,800 cc Toyota Fortuner continues to increase.

On the other hand, the demand for the Toyota Fortuner 2,400 cc continues to decline.

Dimas said that by adding a little more to the purchase budget, which was 2,400 cc, they already got the 2,800 cc and much more powerful.

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“The power is definitely bigger than the 2,800 cc,”

“So are the features,” explained Dimas during the Journalist Test Drive Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS event (29/6/2022).

Even judging from the official Toyota Astra Motor website, for the Toyota Fortuner 4×2 type GA/T at a price of Rp. 563,000,000, it has been a spot order.

In effect, consumers who are excited about the Toyota Fortuner 2,800 cc must be patient enough.