Please Fix the Road, or repair Polish roads. The developer will make available a pirated version

The Polish game will make its debut in June Please Fix the Road. Its author, Ariel Jurkowski, came up with an unusual idea. The developer ensures that on the day of the premiere it will also be available a pirated version of the game that will be playable.

Please Fix the Road appears as a fun and casual puzzle gamethat has a chance to be delicious “time eater”. We play the role “road builder from the set tender”and our task will be, as the title suggests, road repair. At each level, we will have specific tools, the distributor of which is mythical brother-in-law.

The gameplay is about uskillfully manipulating the tiles. This is how we interact with the environment. Our path does not have to be repaired in some daring and spectacular style. The most important thing is for it to work.

The creator of this game ensures that on the day of release, Please Fix the Road will appear on the Steam platform,, but also on torrents, where we can find pirated version. It is worth mentioning here that it will be fully playablebut there will be cosmetic differences. The author, in an interview with PC Gamer, said that he would not be angry with people who decide to buy the pirated version. I pirated games myself as a teenager, so I understand – provides the developer.

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamy