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Please more prohibitions! | TIME ONLINE

The greatest enemy of change is habit. It acts stronger than the information, stronger than the Enlightenment. Otherwise, most people would be slim and move daily in the fresh air. They would do good and be tippitoppi types. No one would harm himself, another or the environment.

The mobile phone consumption, for example. All people who use a mobile phone know how their device is made. They know that children are mistreated and exploited. Today, on June 12, is the World Day Against Child Labor. The United Nations Children's Fund Unicef ​​reports that 40,000 children work in the mines in southern Congo. They dig underground for Cobalt with their bare hands. Without protective clothing, in a stooped posture, for hours. According to Amnesty International, half of the world's cobalt is mined by children in the Congo. This raw material lands in German cars of BMW and Daimler, in mobile phones from Apple, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft. Is there any German who would give up his phone in the face of this fact? Of course not. Although parents would not accept such a life for their Malte or Murat, for a child in Congo, they can afford to break from work in their early twenties. No health care has. No school is allowed to visit. Always on the verge of malnutrition. A child is playing on the phone. Another child dies on the phone. You do not change anything. It's the habit. That is probably life.

The companies do not even deny it. They explain that the service providers would make shit on the spot. No matter if it is the cellphone or textile industry or agriculture. It is always said that agreements have been reached on the fact that there should be no human rights violations in the extraction of raw materials or in the production of goods. I trusted the local people. Something similar is expressed in statements for the public, when once again a mess comes to light. Then it is sometimes called, one was ripped off. The corporations are then in principle only victims. Of course, the explanations are ridiculous. You do not believe it. But somehow always hopes that it somehow already regulated. It does not settle on its own. Never.

A few people buy alternative products that are produced more fair. The rest is cool for the latest version of something. The children, meanwhile, continue to shovel like crazy. That's the 21st century.

The knowledge of the many plastics in the sea, the discarded food, the destruction of returned goods from service providers, the privatization of water resources and pillage of agricultural land of poor countries by influential food companies andundund – all this changes the buying behavior and party preferences of the Europeans little to no , The consumer of the rich industrialized nation imagines itself in a kind of natural law towards its fellow human beings, who care for its prosperity in the developing countries. Maybe that's because they can not see the suffering. Or not often enough. Of German chickens in laying batteries were very very often shown very many films. Not by Congolese children underground. The disastrous working conditions remain largely unimpressed. You read about it, but you do not see anything.

At the same time, any attempt by an organization or a party trying to regulate this exorbitantly obscene consumption and the requisite conditions of production is scandalized. Prohibition Party has been saying for some years, as soon as someone tries to change something.

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