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Plélo. The cash dispenser is installed in the village

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« It’s done, finally, underlines Jérémy Meuro, the mayor, this cash dispenser will make life easier for traders, residents, as well as associations and people passing through the town. This new service offered in our town will boost the local fabric ».

After having carried out various studies with banks and private companies, the elected officials called on the company Loomis-France, in order to carry out their project.

Users will not have any withdrawal fees. Another not insignificant point, in the event of an error when entering the code, or if the account is not sufficiently funded, the card will always remain accessible, it will not be swallowed by the device. A poster campaign will be carried out in shops to inform the population.

« We currently have thirty withdrawal points in France and several hundred will be operational in a few months. This very local establishment in Plélo is our first in Brittany. Even if it took time for the connections to the various networks, and therefore the delay for its use, the result is there in an ideal location », Underlines Michel Tresch, CEO of Loomis-France, based in Aubervilliers, which manages the cash dispenser.


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