Plenel and Bourdin, pitbull TV


Gilles DEBERNARDI. Photo The DL The bullfight lasted three hours. She could have just turned the whole night like the endless screw of a garbage truck. Messrs. Bourdin and Plenel had the firm intention of “paying” the President, until refusing to give him his title. Open neck, without tie, in “free men” … Did you say “childish”? Their vanity impels them to distinguish themselves from the usual confreres, guilty of “serving the soup” to the Elyos master. They, the ego on the shoulder, prefer to wear the costume of angry opponents. But the overabundance of aggressiveness is as damaging to journalism as excessive deference. The first question of popular Jean-Jacques sets the tone: “Would not you be an illusionist arisen in the heart of history? “. The head of state has nevertheless conquered his place by the ballot box, honest and republican magic. Edwy the insurgent, which repeats the theses of the far left, nevertheless applies to challenge its legitimacy. Should we re-run elections then, or let the street govern the country? The boss of Mediapart will lose his moral grin only at the mention of his recent tax cheats. Because Emmanuel Macron, in this exchange of vain flounders, has done it for blow. The pit bulls of the interview did not devour him, he came out unscathed from this mediocre castagne. Not the viewers, on the other hand, who were hoping for an evening of information and answers to their concerns. Jupiter did not say anything we do not already know. Anxious to erase “30 years of immobility”, he keeps the course of his painful reforms. And if he comes to break his mouth on the road, Plenel and Bourdin will be for nothing, the poor. By Gilles DEBERNARDI |
                                                 Posted on 17/04/2018 at 06:02
                                                                 | Update about 1 hour ago


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