PLN Officially Cancels Electric Stoves Program, Here’s the Reason


After inviting the pros and cons of the induction electric stove program to be carried out by PLN, it was finally canceled. This is the reason!

PT PLN (Persero) officially cancels the conversion program for 3 kg LPG stoves to electric stove which is an induction cooker. This step is taken to maintain the comfort of the community in economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“PLN decided to cancel the transfer program to electric stoves. PLN is here to provide comfort in the community through reliable electricity supply,” said PLN President Director, Darmawan Prasodjo, in a written statement, quoted from detikfinance Tuesday (27/9/2022).



Although previously the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto ensured the conversion program for 3 kg LPG to electric stove induction is not yet effective in 2022. This consideration was taken after the government saw firsthand the conditions on the ground.

“After seeing firsthand the conditions in the field regarding the conversion of a 3 kg LPG stove into an induction electric stove, I can say that the government has not yet decided on the program for converting a 3 kg LG stove into an induction electric stove,” Airlangga said in a virtual press conference, Friday (23/9). /2022).

He also said that the program will not be implemented in 2022. “But it is certain that this program will not be implemented in 2022,” said Airlangga, as quoted from detikfinance (23/9).

Electricity Tariff Not Rising

The written explanation is also about the cancellation of the conversion of gas stoves to gas stoves electric stove In induction, PLN stated that electricity tariffs would not increase. This electricity tariff has been decided by the Government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM).

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“There is no increase in electricity rates. This is to maintain an increase in people’s purchasing power and maintain economic stability,” said Darmawan.

The conversion of gas stove to electric stove was cancelled. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/brizmaker

No Power Removal 450 VA

In addition to the issue of canceled electric stoves and electricity tariffs not increasing, PLN also ensures that there will be no elimination of customer groups with 450 Volt Ampere (VA) power. The 450 VA electric power will also not be transferred to 900 VA so that the tariff remains the same for each group.

“The government’s decision is very clear. There is no change in power from 450 VA to 900 VA and PLN is ready to implement the decision. PLN has never conducted any formal discussions or planned to transfer power from 450 VA to 900 VA. This also has nothing to do with the program. electric stove,” said Darmawan.

PLN continues to be committed to maintaining a reliable electricity supply, as well as supporting the government to restore the national economy, maintain people’s purchasing power and productivity.

During the 2016-2021 period, the State is present for the community with State Capital Participation (PMN) to PLN to build electricity infrastructure amounting to Rp 40 trillion, especially in the 3T (Foremost, Outermost and Disadvantaged) areas.

In addition, a stimulus of Rp 24.3 trillion was also distributed to the community in an effort to reduce the economic burden in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. During 2017-2021, subsidies amounting to Rp. 243 trillion and compensation of Rp. 94 trillion were also provided so that the public still received electricity at affordable rates in order to maintain productivity and economic growth.

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