Plug-in hybrid cars, the 10 Phevs with more electric autonomy

The idea of ​​a double-faced car, with traditional engines to tackle long journeys without the anxiety of autonomy, and then guarantee a good mileage in 100% electric mode for entry into restricted traffic areas. This is the plug-in formula, considered by many to be the most promising bridge solution between the old world of combustion engines and the new one, dominated by battery power. An idea that seems to have been well understood, judging by the sales figures for the month of September 2021, with plug-in hybrids (Phev) reaching 5.2%, very close to full hybrids (Hev), which have risen anyway. at 7.5%. To the advantage of the former, the size of the accumulators is up to ten times higher on average, as a determining factor for the daily management of a double-faced car. This is why we have selected the ten models with the greatest autonomy in electric mode on sale in Italy, based on the data declared relating to the Wltp mixed cycle, therefore the most realistic. A selection not based on consumption, therefore, but on mileage results, which also affects the accurate energy management of the entire system, especially in urban areas, where regenerative braking in traffic can further increase autonomy with a guide. shrewd, that is without relying on burning restart entrusted to the electric motorization. Pending the refinancing of direct incentives for plug-in hybrids, here’s what to choose.