PM Anwar Ibrahim Rejects Mercedes-Benz S600 Luxury Official Car


Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim refused to use the Mercedes-Benz S600 luxury car as an official vehicle to save state costs. Photo/REUTERS

PETALING JAYA – Prime Minister (PM) of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim said he refused to use his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz S600 luxury car as an official car.

According to him, the car had been purchased by the Prime Minister’s Department before he started work as Malaysia’s new PM on Friday last week.

“I don’t want new public production to be spent on me,” he said in the post Facebook yesterday.

“Instead, I will use whatever vehicle is available for daily service use.”

His comments reinforced his remarks Saturday night after a prayer of thanksgiving at the Sungai Long mosque.

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Anwar Ibrahim said that he had not purchased a new official car for his use. He also confirmed there would be no renovations for his office.

This is part of a new culture of anti-waste of public funds that must be carried out by all parties.

The consumer retail price of a Mercedes-Benz S600 limousine is between RM700,000 to RM1.9 million or IDR 2.4 billion to IDR 6.6 billion.

“Think about what you can save—RM100, RM1000, RM10,000—that can be given back to the poor. I started with a commitment not to take a salary, but the most important thing is not to waste the funds we have,” he said.