PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Sunday January 16 at Vincennes: Feydeau Seven validates his ticket for America

Arrival of the fifth : 3 – 7 – 4 – 5 – 8

The last qualifying round of the Prix d’Amérique has delivered its verdict. While he was at the back of the pack in the first half of the course, Feydeau Seven (n°3) performed very well to win the Prix de Belgique. This 7-year-old male therefore validates his ticket for the last Sunday of January and allows Jean-Michel Bazire to qualify a fifth element for the beautiful race. Even if he took advantage of the fault of Davidson du Pont, which seemed able to impose itself, Feydeau Seven did not steal his success, completing the 2,850 m of the main track in the kilometer reduction of 1′12′’4. The one who is adorned with the silks of Alexandre Skowronski signs the 17th success of his career in 48 races.

Very unhappy in the last turn, Devil of Vauvert (n°7) draws a beautiful straight line and takes second place. He also validates his ticket for America. On the other hand, Rebella Matters (n°4) was already qualified. However, the pupil of Jean-Michel Bazire achieved a good performance by completing the podium. Express Jet (n°5) also had traffic problems in the final turn but managed to recover to take fourth place and lead Feliciano (n°8) which precedes joudes girl (#10) and Power (n°11).

As for the favourite, Gu d’Héripré (n°9), he weakened in the final phase after committing a prank at the bottom of the descent.

Steavie Doussot indicated the trifecta in the order in seven horses and the synthesis proposed it in eight horses.