PN and Yankees officials donate bats and balls in Puerto Plata

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EL NUEVO DIARIO, PUERTO PLATA.- The National Police headquarters and the New York Yankees organization donated props to the Baseball Association for the development of the superior tournament inaugurated with 12 teams in the municipal stadium here.

The cooperation was made to help the celebration and rescue of the provincial tournament, after 15 years without taking place.

Major General Edward Sánchez González, presided over the delivery of the supplies in his capacity as director of the National Police, to the president of the Baseball Association, Manuel Frías, during the inauguration ceremony held at the Tato Martínez stadium.

The general director of the uniformed was accompanied by the commander of the North Regional Directorate, General Jacinto Minaya Herrera and Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, director of Sports of the institution of order.

He delivered 14 dozen balls, baseball bats and other sports supplies donated by the Yankees Academy in the country to the Puerto Plata Baseball Association.

Sánchez González thanked the support that this organization has been giving to the institution of order in the sports activities that it organizes at the national level.

Sánchez González was reiterative in thanking the aforementioned major league organization because it is allowing the Police to provide sports tools to children and adolescents, as well as giving orientation talks so that they do not fall into conflict with the law.

The donation is part of the support that this organization offers to the institution of order to the activities that the sports department is carrying out with children and adolescents from the neighborhoods of the capital and the interior of the country.

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On his side, Manuel Frías thanked the director of the Police and defined the contribution as great, highlighting that the balls will be used in the provincial superior tournament.

Frías congratulated Major General Sánchez González for the support he offers to the sport. He urged him to continue with the service in favor of children and adolescents, at the time of asking him to maintain support with sports equipment, as he has been doing as part of a joint work carried out by the Police with the Ministry of Sports and its minister Francisco Camacho.

The police director instructed the sports commander Mateo Moquete to coordinate future actions in Puerto Plata in support of children’s baseball.

A commission of the Puerto Plata fire department also participated in the activity, chaired by its commander Diógenes Marcado, who also received baseball donations for the celebration of the little league tournament that will be held this coming May to commemorate the anniversary of its founding. .

Police win friendly game

The activity included the celebration of a friendly match between the Police team and a team from Monte Llano, won by the agents with a bulky score of 13 runs by 3.

Felipe Hernández was the record-setting pitcher as a starter and Gilberto Sánchez took the loss.

Several young people from the region recently signed by different Major League Baseball organizations played for Monte Llano, who received advice and guidance about the path that awaits them from Colonel Mateo Moquete.


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