PNL pays tribute to his loved ones

The two brothers delivered a message of love, especially to their children.

Since May 4, 2022, PNL has resumed its tour in France. After two cancellations in Lyon and Nice, the two brothers are back in concert for four consecutive dates (May 23, 24, 26 and 27) at the AccorArena in Paris. During their premiere at Bercy, the duo set the room on fire and took the opportunity to send a touching and poignant message to their loved ones and their children.

After three years of absence, including a postponed tour, the French rap duo is back in force with a tour that does not disappoint anyone: indeed, since the start of Tarik and Nabil’s tour, each performance has been hailed by the public.

PNL takes advantage of this proximity with its fans to speak directly to them, during the concert in Dijon, but also to their family, during the first date in Paris where Ademo and NOS delivered on the title “A l’ammoniaque ” by taking turns speaking to confide:

“Free, you are free, take this chance to love your family and friends. Be happy and generous, because you will feel better. The air is cleaner when you are free. Enjoy and be happy”

In addition, a few days before, the group had brought their third brother on stage. Between confessions, declarations and this presentation to their fans, PNL offers a moving return to the stage.