PNP: 337 ranks and official titles could be declared null for being allegedly false, according to Punto Final

A total of 337 titles and academic degrees of officers of the National Police of Peru (PNP) could be declared null as they are allegedly false, according to the program Final point.

At the end of the race in PNP Officers School, officers obtain degrees and titles that have university rank, in accordance with a supplementary provision of the University Law.

Between 2014 and 2021, the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu) recorded 4,378 baccalaureate degrees and 5,112 professional titles issued by the PNP Officers School.

In May 2020, before the declaration of a health emergency by COVID-19, the Sunedu communicated to the universities, institutions and schools of superior level that, through a virtual table of parts, they would receive the applications for the registration of degrees and titles of all the professional careers.

Since then, the orders sent by the PNP Officer School They were sent from an official mail. However, in May 2021 the Sunedu received from the PNP Officers School a trade in which the registration of 17 diplomas between high school (8) and professional titles (9) was requested. At that moment, the first inconsistencies appeared.


A report from the Sunedu warned that 9 professional titles would not have passed through mechanisms of originality and that in two applications for academic degrees of high school, differences were identified in the register between the date of applications for academic degrees and the date of graduation of the student.

This revealed a delicate situation. After cross-referencing information between Sunedu and the PNP Officers School, It was concluded that 337 titles and bachelor’s degrees for the same number of officers would be false.

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For several months and using four different institutional and unofficial emails, someone on behalf of the PNP Officers School requested the Sunedu the record of academic degrees of various police officers in activity that is presumed to be forged.

One of the biggest observations has to do with the signature of Colonel PNP Juan Fernández Guevara, director of the PNP Officers School. In the diplomas sent to the Sunedu the officer’s signatures are different.

In other documents sent to the Sunedu, allegedly by Lieutenant PNP Aladino Rabanal, Secretary General of the PNP Officers Schooldifferences in their signatures are also observed.


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