PO mother and daughter are sour

Xiao Tiantian is promoted to be a mom, and she has everything to do with a woman. (Photo/Flip photo on Facebook)

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Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun) has successfully given birth to her daughter “Mitaimu” a few days ago, and she is officially promoted to be a mother. Recently, she has a girl with everything, and she often shares her parenting life with fans through social platforms. At present, she has just left the confinement center for two weeks. She frankly admits that she will inevitably be in a hurry to care for the children at home every day. She originally thought she was incapable of doing the job, “but every mother always seems to have a special quality.” Recently, she often took photos with her daughter. Some netizens said, “It’s not like you.” Not only did Xiao Tiantian not get angry, she also responded with super high EQ.

Recently, Xiao Tiantian, who has been busy with her childcare life, said frankly that she sacrificed her sleep every day, her dressing was always sloppy, and she was constantly looping in the childcare work such as breastfeeding, milk checking, and butt washing every day. And as a novice mom, she will also publish “mother and daughter photos” with her baby daughter through social platforms from time to time. As a result, it has attracted sour people. Tian Tian didn’t get angry, and didn’t deny it. She also showed her high emotional intelligence and responded to her sour netizens, “Yes! I save money for hyaluronic acid and botulinum in the future, and I am very happy for her.”

In addition, there are fans who are curious about whether Xiao Tiantian has trimmed the eyebrows of Mi Tei. Xiao Tiantian explained that the shape of her daughter’s eyebrows is natural and has not undergone any trimming since she was born. “It should be regarded as a gift from her mother.”

Xiao Tiantian, who is busy taking care of newborn babies, also encourages all novice mothers through her own experience, “Don’t be afraid of the changes that seem to be lost or cannot be returned. No one is qualified to say anything because at this moment we are experiencing our greatest. The stage of her life!” She also wanted to thank her daughter Mitaimu for giving her the opportunity to learn to be a mother. She frankly said that watching her daughter grow up healthily is what she has the most sense of accomplishment at the moment.



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