Poetic America (s) between Old and New World

American space as a new territory for fiction, from Fontenelle to Chateaubriand

coll. “Revolutions and romanticisms”

Clermont-Ferrand, University Press Blaise Pascal

September 9, 2021, 286 p.

ISBN 9782845169883

Distributed by Le Comptoir des presses d ‘Universités

This volume intends to question the way in which fictional literature, in France, integrates the American paradigm of the end of the 17th century.e century at the beginning of the XIXe (from Fontenelle to Chateaubriand), a moment in literary history when Man and faith in progress are the subject of important questions. The history of ideas and representations is therefore reread in the light of its interweaving in the system of norms which define, not without fractures, the contours of literary genres. If the America of writers has given rise, in the last fifty years, to numerous studies, an analysis focusing simultaneously on the philosophical contributions of the New World and on their effects on the evolution of writing was called for: t is that by looking closely at these two aspects that we can better understand the influence that elsewhere had on European thought and literature.

The book has received support from IHRIM. See the colloquium from which the book originated.

The author

Pierino GALLO is professor of French literature at the University of Messina (Italy) and associate member of IHRIM-Saint-Étienne.