Poetry Monday: Today, “It’s sweet to sleep”

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This is the first time his poems have been published in French. However, Fabrizia Ramondino has written poetry throughout her life, and her anthology, For a clear path (By a clear path) received the Pasolini Award the year of his release in Italy in 2004.

Who is Fabrizia Ramondino? Born in Naples in 1936, died in Gaeta in 2008, in Italy, she is known for her novels (which evoke her childhood memories in Majorca), but also for her sociological works, such as her experience with family planning or in a psychiatric hospital. She also co-authored, with Mario Martone, the script for the film Death of a Neapolitan mathematician (1992). “In many ways, for visionary realism, the storytelling of his childhood, and above all for his ability to elevate individual memories to the ranks of historical frescoes, Fabrizia Ramondino is on the line between great Elsa Morante and Anna Maria Ortese. and arrive at Elena Ferrante ”, Annalisa Andreoni J. in the Italian HuffPost.

As the author is almost unknown in France, she had to read a reading at the Paris Poetry Market in 2018 for a collection to appear in our language. Emanuela di Schiano Pepe and Benoît Vincent then started Ramondino’s translations. “Back to our booth […] with Virginie Gautier and Philippe Aigrain we told each other, but these are beautiful poems! You must publish them », says publisher Publie.net.

The result is a collection that covers almost the entire life of its author (from 1956 to 1992), with texts mostly very short (with the notable exception of the epic At war) and using a very concrete language, rich in images, «Impoetic and weird»said Ramondino. Here is the translation of the poem that gives its name to the collection, followed by its original version.


It fills me with joy
that noise of rain
at night.

Back to childhood homes
with fragile and white walls
open to dawn plans
exhausted in the face of midday freedom.

She is my sister
this water
coming down from heaven
and opens to the ground.
My brothers
the lightning
and thunder.

How sweet it is to fall asleep
your dear voices.


It fills me with joy
this noise of rain
at night.

Back to childhood homes
from the fragile and white walls
open to the plans of the dawn
married to the freedom of merits.

She’s a sister
this water
coming down from heaven
and opens to the earth.
Nourallah Brothers
the lightning
and thunder.

It is sweet to assume
to the voices of loved ones.

Returns, by Fabrizia Ramondino (translated by Emanuela Schiano di Pepe), Publie.net editions, 152 pages, 14 euros (paper version) or 5.99 euros (digital).

Guillaume Lecaplain



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