Pogba case: the revelations of the staff of the Blues

For several days, the Pogba affair has been in the news. This evening, we learn that the security gentleman of the Blues had been aware for several months.

The Pogba affair continues to make the headlines of the French press. This morning, the brother of the 2018 world champion, Mathias, programmed a series of tweets in which there were several embarrassing statements for the Juventus player. But this Friday day was not over. A few hours later, side Serge Aurier and defensive midfielder Alou Diarra were associated with this affair.

Concretely, the latter would have allowed Paul Pogba to meet the famous marabout. Information that the two interested parties have publicly denied. While waiting to know how this story will end, RMC Sport managed to obtain the minutes of Mohamed Sahnadji. Mr. Sahnadji is simply the head of security for the France A team. And he told the authorities on August 9 that he had been aware of Pogba’s problems since March.

Paul Pogba was very marked

“For a few months I have seen Paul quite preoccupied and unable to take the plunge, confides the security officer to the investigators. It was at the beginning of the year, around March, he told me that he was going through a particularly difficult situation. (…) He told me that he was not well and that people wanted him badly. They demanded large sums of money from him. He told me quite determined that he was no longer living and that he wanted it to end. It took too big proportions and it affected his close family and especially his mother. » Made aware, Mr. Sahnadji then informed the international community that he would have to relay this information. Good news for Pogba. “He told me that he wanted the help of France to make it stop”confirms the security gentleman of the Blues who also confided in the band having threatened Pogba and tried to extract money from him.

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“What I learned next is that these people even went to his house in Manchester. He feared for his wife and children who lived there. (…) I then learned that Paul had been blocked by the gang in a building hall. I noticed around Paul in the various matches of the France team, a group of young people who were not from his family but who circled around him with an attitude that had caught my attention and had received invitations in the official area. » Aware, but powerless in the face of these actions, the head of security of the Blues however clarified that he had at no time alerted his superiors at the FFF.