Point Nemo: the most remote point of the planet from land

There is a conditional point in the South Pacific, the most remote from any land area. The closest inhabited «terrain “- the International Space Station lying at a distance of 400 km.

The most famous poles are geographical: North and South – the places where the meridians converge. But geographers recognize other points as poles.

Magnetic poles are conventional marks in which the Earth’s magnetic field is directed strictly at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface. One of these points lies in the Arctic, the other in the Southern Ocean. They are constantly shifting and, unlike the geographic poles, are not opposite to each other, since the magnetic field of our planet is asymmetric.

There are also so-called poles of inaccessibility. They are of interest primarily for travelers, since they are really difficult to get there due to their remoteness.

In the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean, at the greatest distance from any land, there is North Pole of Inaccessibility… Distance to the North Pole is 661 km, to Cape Barrow in Alaska – 1453 km, and the nearest islands, Ellesmere and Franz Josef Land – 1094 km each.

Location South Pole of Inaccessibility it is not precisely established: it should be the point in Antarctica, the farthest from the coast of the Southern Ocean, but scientists have not come to a consensus on how to understand the word “coast” in relation to this region.

Continental Pole of Inaccessibility – the place on land farthest from the oceans. This is a point in Eurasia, in the north of China (coordinates 46 ° 17 ′ N 86 ° 40 ′ E). Distance to the nearest coastlines – 2645 km.


Finally, Ocean pole of inaccessibility located in the South Pacific Ocean at 48 ° 52 ′ S. sh. 123 ° 23 ′ W It is also called Point Nemo – after the captain from Jules Verne’s novels. This is the most remote place in the ocean from land. The nearest land, uninhabited Ducie Atoll, lies 2,688 km away. This point was calculated by the research engineer Hrvoje Lukatela in 1992 using computer simulation.

This is such a desolate area that there are almost no representatives of the fauna: the strongest currents allow only bacteria to survive. Therefore, many space agencies like BBC reports, use this part of the ocean as a landfill: it is believed that the damage to people and nature from such a distance will be minimal. There are already at least a hundred of spacecraft and their parts resting at Point Nemo.

Another interesting connection of Point Nemo with space is its proximity to the ISS: astronauts are separated from the Ocean Pole of inaccessibility “only” 400 km away.


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