Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Point weather : Berguitta to monitor and end of the vigilance heavy rains


The tropical storm moderate Berguitta was located on Sunday with 4 hours local at 18.2° South / 63.2° East.

It was 830 km of our coastline in the area Is North-East. She currently travels to the West at 9 km/h.

from next week, Météo France provides for a system to become mature, which will evolve in the vicinity of the Mascarene islands, and invites the inhabitants to keep themselves regularly informed of the situation.

Despite the presence of Berguitta in the area, the vigilance Heavy Rains for the regions West, south, South-East and Is has been lifted at 7: 30 am local.

The expected improvement has taken place in the second part of the night and no longer requires continued vigilance.

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