Points of seroprevention have been opened in Tomsk

Points of seroprevention have been opened in Tomsk

Today, April 16, to work in a round-the-clock mode in Tomsk launched three points of seroprevention. In the districts such points are organized at the reception rooms of hospital hospitals.
According to Deputy Head of Oblzdrava Sergey Dmitriev, 3,860 doses of immunoglobulin were purchased for seroprevention points. In May, another 2,000 doses will be delivered to the region.
“When sucking the tick, you should immediately contact the nearest point of seroprophylaxis, where specialists will determine whether the tick is a carrier of the disease,” said Sergey Dmitriev. – In case of a positive result, the patient is injected with immunoglobulin, in order to neutralize the virus. ”
In Tomsk, two points of seroprevention for adults will work in the interuniversity hospital (Kyivska street, 74, phone 55-71-37) and in the health unit No. 2 (Bela Kuna street, 3, phone 64-78-62), for children – in Children’s Hospital No. 1 (Moscow Route 4, telephone 52-72-23).
Also around the clock work “hot lines”, where you can contact for questions related to sucking ticks. You can contact the hotline by calling 8 (3822) 516-616 (free of charge for residents of Tomsk) and 8-800-350-88-50 (free call for residents of Tomsk region).
Recall from the beginning of the epidemic season four of adult Tomsk citizens turned to medical facilities with sucking ticks, but only two of them were vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.

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