Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl has a glitch that allows you to clone creatures

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl They are already available and, although they are being better than what was believed at first, the reality is that they did not debut without errors. In fact, players have already encountered a massive, but cool, bug: it turns out that you can clone Pokémon by following a few steps.

The Twitter user known as Kevinfor5, shared a series of steps you must follow to clone Pokémon. It is worth mentioning that it is a very easy glitch to take advantage of and which, in addition to cloning the Pokémon, allows you to duplicate any object that they are carrying. Simply put, it is a bug with all the potential to break the game.

We leave you the steps to take advantage of the glitch:

  • Put a Pokémon in the lower right corner of Box 1
  • Put a Pokémon in the lower right corner of Box 2
  • Register the Pokémon in Box 1 in the Battle Box
  • Talk to the daycare woman in Solaceon and select the Pokémon from Box 2
  • Switch between Box 1 and Box 2 and then finish delivering the Pokémon
  • Go to the Boxes and visit the Battle Box
  • Choose a Pokémon that you want to sacrifice for the glitch and register it in the Battle Box
  • Now select the Pokémon you want to clone to the Battle Box

As you can see, the steps are very simple and have incredible benefits. You can use this to duplicate Legendary Pokémon and even unique items like the Master Ball. So whoever wants to make good use of it will have a lot of goodies.

At the moment, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have not said anything about this error. While it is not the first time that the franchise has a glitch of this type, we imagine that ILCA will go to work to patch it. So, we recommend you take advantage of it while you can.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl debuted on November 19 on Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about these remakes of the fourth generation of Pokémon by clicking here.

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