“Pokémon Go” adds a face mask to the game’s avatars

“Pokémon Go” has added face masks as a new in-game element for player avatars, the latest hit that COVID19 has had in the game. Pokémon Go made a number of minor changes recently, including a new form of clothing for the game’s avatars: Facial mask.

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These masks look similar to face masks recommended by public health officials for use in public settings to limit the spread of COVID19.

Thanks to the update, players can have their avatars use facial masks simple: white for male avatars and black for female avatars.

Currently both skins are available for free, and we are likely to see skins “premium”Available for sale in a short time. Pokémon Go will distribute special masks of “Ver”For players participating in a sponsored event next month.

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The game’s new apparel reflects the latest change to COVID19 has had in Pokémon GoThe game had to change its model of in-person events and casual social gatherings to a more isolated style.

“Pokémon Go” encouraged social distancing by increasing the distance players could use the Poke Paradas and other game locations.

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