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On Pokémon GO There are a great variety of objects that make it much easier for us to advance in the capture of Pokémon, as is the case of the remote raid pass.

Well, this allows us to fight a raid without the need to be close to it; a really useful option in the times of pandemic that we currently live in.

This year 2021 Niantic modified the rate of appearance of remote incursion passes in the Poképaradas, which is why we leave you the best ways to get it easily today below:

  • As of April 2, each Monday there will be a free pack in the Pokémon GO store that includes a remote raid pass along with other miscellaneous items.
  • Remote Raid Passes can also be purchased by purchasing them with Pokécoins in the Pokémon GO store. One only costs 100 and the pack of 3 it is priced at 250.

At the moment it is unknown if they will implement any other option to get hold of them, although we will keep you informed of any news in this regard.

What do you think? Do you use remote raid passes a lot? Leave us your opinion in the comments!


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