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Pokémon GO starts a legendary raid hour tonight

Tonight, on the 19th of April, we could expect a legendary raid hour in Pokémon GO. Numerous players from New Zealand and Australia report that legendary eggs are appearing all over the arenas. Meanwhile, it is clear that the raid hour also takes place in Germany.

What did the players report? In New Zealand and Australia legendary eggs have surfaced at exactly 6pm local time. Any arena that has not yet carried an egg produced a legendary raid.

This is very reminiscent of the legendary lunch breaks, which always took place at 12 noon. Now there seems to be a legendary evening hour.

update: The legendary hour is also in Germany. From 18:00 to 19 clock legendary raids spawn with Latios and Giratina in the arenas.

So probably this event is for Germany

That's funny: The legendary lunch breaks Niantic has always announced in advance. Now the players from the distant countries report the same concept of this event, but previously nothing was announced.

Raids everywhere
This image was shared by a player from Neeseeland. Source: Reddit

In addition, both Latios, and Giratina hatch from the eggs. A legendary lunch break was always limited to a Pokémon.

That's for sure The later it gets, the more time zones report on this event. That's where this legendary evening hour takes place.

So now players from Japan and East Asia have reported on these incidents.

Will the event also be in Germany? This is not confirmed. But if more and more time zones report it, then it will probably be in Germany at 18 clock so far.

Raid passes Pokemon GO
Pack enough raid passes if this event starts here too.

It certainly does not hurt to go outside at 6pm. Should not start a raid class, then you can at least make some legendary raids, because the spawn rate of it is anyway increased.

What do I have from this raid lesson? Should really today, on 19.04. At 6 pm, to start this event, it is well worth taking advantage of this hour.

After all, there are Shiny Latios and Giratina is one of the most useful Pokémon in the game. A few raids to complete in this hour should be worthwhile.

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