Pokémon GO: The last hours of the Kanto event are running – the end is approaching


Who still has his PokéDex in Pokémon GO want to fill with Kanto monsters, that can do only a few hours more effectively.
Coach, the Kanto Week in Pokémon GO is ending today. The event will bring you special bonuses until the evening and will spawn more monsters from the Kanto region.
End of the Kanto week
The Kanto Event started on the evening of April 10th in Pokémon GO and was supposed to be active for a week. This means that the event will end today, April 17.
However, the team did not specify an exact time. If everything works as usual, you should be able to use the bonuses of the event until 22:00.

As long as the event is still running, you can use the following bonuses:
Increased spawns of 1st generation Pokémon
Double candy rewards for all actions (Run with buddy, send Pokémon etc.)
Special offer boxes which are especially interesting for Raider
New raid bosses like relaxo and aerodactyl
Lock modules now last 6 hours instead of 30 minutes
Use the event time well
The double candy rewards are one reason to take full advantage of the event. Even if you’ve filled your PokéDex with all monsters in the Kanto region, double candies are good for the coaches, for example, who want to do mass development and gain experience.
In addition, rare (re) monsters like Karpador spawn more often. In some places you can find them often even without an event, but now they appear much more often.

The new research in Pokémon GO allows you to unlock Mew. But the event is perfectly suited for these bonuses. You must complete these tasks so that Mew can appear and be caught for you.
The event is suitable for beginners who want to fill their Dex with their bonuses and researchers who are after the mystical Pokémon Mew.
The next Community Day in Pokémon GO could be with Glumanda – That suggests the Japanese website of the event


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