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“Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn” is about to debut. The following is an overview of Pokémon haunts and suggestions for preparations before the trip, for reference by trainers.

Pokemon GO Tour: Fengyuan Event Information

  • Ticket price: Free, must complete the pre-quest “Original Call”
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Event date and time: February 25-26, 2023, 10:00-18:00

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn Preceding Special Investigation Mission: Primal Call

stage Task award
1 Catch 5 Water, Electric, and Bug-type Pokémon 20 phoenix fruit
Catch 5 Grass, Fire, and Ground-type Pokémon 20 red berries
Catch 20 Pokémon 3 golden berries
Obtain stage rewards 2023 XP
2023 Stardust
2 Complete 5 fieldwork missions 10 Poké Balls (red balls)
Strengthen Pokémon 10 times 5 Super Balls (Blue Balls)
Throw 5 Great Curveballs 1 star shard
Obtain stage rewards 2023 XP
2023 Stardust
Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn Admission Ticket

Pokemon GO Tour: Preparations for Hoen

  • As the epidemic slows down, Taiwan has lifted the ban on indoor masks, but masks are still required to be worn on public transportation.
  • Since certain Pokémon need to be triggered by incense, please be sure to enable it normally.
  • If it is inconvenient to walk for a long time, you can choose fixed-point capture with relatively concentrated supply stations, and cooperate with the bait module (sprinkling flowers) to increase the probability of Pokémon appearing.
  • In the game, you can collect more than 200 advanced balls (black balls) to increase the success rate of manual capture.
  • Try to free up space for more than 300 Pokémon boxes to reduce the time wasted in sorting out midway.
  • The maximum number of Pokémon boxes has been opened up to 6250. Trainers who are short of space can go to the in-game store to buy.
  • Make sure to keep both your phone and power bank fully charged.
  • You can prepare a Pokemon GO Plus bracelet or a Pokémon Ball Plus controller. It is very useful to grab while walking. The Pokémon Ball Plus can also automatically flip the supply station sign. Don’t forget to replace the battery or fully charge it.

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn Pokémon Haunt / Reward Details

project ruby sapphire
Red Sapphire Challenge Positive electric beat✨, electric firefly✨, mandible ants✨,
Sun Rock✨, Sun Floating Bubble✨
Negative electric beat✨, sweet firefly✨, roaring whale✨,
Moonstone✨, rainwater floating bubbles✨
Habitat: hot desert
10:00 – 11:00
14:00 – 15:00
Huozhiji✨, Coyotes✨, Lianba Boy✨, Doi Ninja✨, Makushita Rikishi✨, North Nose✨,
Cocoa Dora✨, Prickly Ball Cactus✨, Fire Camel✨, Libra Puppet✨, Baby Dragon✨
Habitat: Fantasy Fog
11:00 – 12:00
15:00 – 16:00
Lalu Lasi✨, Yoyo Ball✨, Gu Niu✨, Masana✨, Jumping Pig✨, Mongoose Slash✨,
Rice Spoon Snake✨, Wind Bell✨, Absolu✨, Snow Boy✨, Love Fish✨, Iron Dumbbell✨
Habitat: lush greenery
12:00 – 13:00
16:00 – 17:00
Wood Gecko✨, Serpentine Bear✨, Spinytail✨, Acorn Fruit✨, Mushroom✨, Lazy Otter✨,
Xiangwei Meow✨, Big Mouth Baby✨, Thunder Beast✨, Poison Rose✨, Melting Beast✨, Qingmongniao✨
Habitat: Ancient Coast
13:00 – 14:00
17:00 – 18:00
Water Leaping Fish✨, Proud Swallow✨, Long-Winged Gull✨, Tooth Fish✨, Loach✨, Lobster Soldier✨,
Tentacle Lily✨, Ancient Feather Worm✨, Ugly Fish✨, Seal Ball✨, Pearl Oyster✨
incense Hoen hat Pikachu✨, Hoen headband Pikachu✨
Unknown Totem E✨, Unknown Totem H✨, Unknown Totem N✨, Unknown Totem O✨
10 km eggs Coal Turtle✨, Tropical Dragon✨, Ancient Coelacanth✨
7 km eggs Jaw Ant✨, Ugly Fish✨, Baby Dragon✨, Iron Dumbbell✨
5 km eggs Yoyo Ball✨, Melting Beast✨, Spiny Ball Cactus✨
2 km eggs Pichu✨, Baby Ding✨, Wood Shougong✨, Fire Chick✨, Water Leaping Fish✨, Lu Lili✨, Xiao Guoruo✨
first appearance Yoyo Ball✨, Melting Beast✨, Coal Turtle✨, Prickly Ball Cactus✨, Changing Dragon✨, Tropical Dragon✨, Ancient Coelacanth✨
original group battle Raw Kyoka✨、Original Gulardo
5 star team battle Deoxys (normal/attack/defense/speed form)✨
1 star raid Baby Ding✨, Wooden Shougong✨, Fire Chick✨
Paid long-term survey tasks Long-Term Investigation: Wishes Come True
Sevi Kiraqi✨
Free dress up props Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenen T-Shirt
Fengyuan set
Paid Dress Up Items kyoka sportswear
Gulardo Sportswear
chameleon bag

capture suggestion

The most eye-catching items in this event are the original Kyoka and the original Gulardo. This is the first original Pokémon that appeared in “Pokemon GO”. If you have enough budget, you can buy more team battle tickets, participate in more team battles and Increases the chance of color violation encounters.

For the first appearance of the Pokémon, in addition to the yo-yo ball, the melting beast, and the prickly ball cactus, which will only appear in the wild habitat and the 5-kilometer egg, you should focus on the third generation of the 10-kilometer egg that can be hatched Region-limited Pokémon: Coal Turtle, Tropical Dragon, Ancient Coelacanth, and Chameleon that may appear on the supply stop sign.

Finally, Sevi Kiraqi will appear as a long-term investigation mission “Wish Comes True” that needs to be purchased. It is recommended that trainers who want to collect can complete the purchase of tickets before the event, and take advantage of the event to catch a large number of Pokémon to meet the mission conditions.