On the 13th of September the time has come. Niantic rewards all coaches for their efforts in Safari Zone events with the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus. From 22 clock on the said day in the 5-star raids, the three legendary Pokémon from the Kanto region available. But alongside Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados, GO Mewtu will appear in 5-star raids for the first time in Pokémon's history. We have collected all the information for you and also introduce you to the best counterpoints for the respective Pokémon.

Update from September 13, 2018

Niantic has put new event packages in the shop

As expected, Niantic has also introduced special new purchase options in the shop. The packages are divided into three categories: Specialbox, Superbox and Hyperbox. The third of the three boxes should give you the highest added value for the coins, but also costs the most. Below we have listed the contents of the shop boxes for you:

Pokémon GO event boxes in the shopSource: Marcel Laser / handy.de

Special box for 480 poké coins

  • 3x smoke
  • 4x normal egg hatcher
  • 10x Sananabeere
  • 2x star piece

Superbox for 780 poké coins

  • 6x super hatchery
  • 4x premium raid pass
  • 4x star piece
  • 2x lock modules

Hyperbox for 1,480 poké coins

  • 6x smoke
  • 12x super-incubator
  • 6x lucky egg
  • 8x Premium Raid Pass

At least once, the two more expensive packages include Premium Raid Passes, which allow you to take part in the 5-star raids of the bosses described below. In addition, Super hatching machines significantly shorten the path for the eggs to hatch. So you should be able to work off the 7-km eggs much faster.

But these boxes also have their price. Here every coach has to decide for himself whether these packages are worth the money spent. Of course you do not make a bad deal – as long as you look at the individual prices in the shop. The boxes are put together so that a good price performance ratio arises. But you will have to invest real money after all.

Original message from September 11, 2018

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus: What items are needed for the event?

Although the right Pokémon are needed primarily for the Raids, but who wants to skim correctly, needs a well-filled item bag. The battles will weigh heavily on your pocket monsters, and raid passes will be needed to enter. It's also important to prepare properly if you want to reach the full potential of the Pokémon Ultra Bonus Event.

Raid passes and premium raid passes

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Raid PassesSource: Marcel Laser / handy.de

No question! Niantic will make a lot of money during this time. For those who really want to join almost every raid will need raid passes in order to participate at all. The normal raid pass you get once a day, if you turn a photo disc of an arena. This means that after all, a raid fight per day is possible.

But if you want to do a lot more raids in the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event, you need Premium Raid Passes. These are available for purchase in the shop for 100 poké coins per pass. But cost 100 coins depending on the App Store just under 1.00 euros. That would be in the worst case 1.00 euros per raid. The Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event could be an expensive affair for hardcore coaches.

Items for preparation farms – Beleber and Co.

Many raids do not just consume raid passes. Your Pokémon will have to take on the legendary birds and especially against Mewtu properly. So you need many potions and Beleber permanently. It is therefore advisable to fill the item bag with as many healing and invigorating items as possible. High HP-intensive Pokémon like Relaxo, Rihorn, Aquana or Dragoran usually need many small potions to get back in shape.

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus InventorySource: Marcel Laser / handy.de

But there are also many Pokémon in the fight over. Then they need to be revived before healing by Beleber. Again, it is advisable to get as many Beleber as possible. Many raids require many "victims" and you will have to revive many pocket monsters.

Again, you can help yourself with the necessary change in the shop. Niantic offers packs of ten top potions. The top potion completely heals your Pokémon. However, the bundle costs 200 coins and thus converted just under 2.00 euros. A bundle of 6 Top-Belebern costs 180 Pokémünzen. After all, a top Beleber revives your incapacitated Pokémon with full life energy again.

Enlarge item bag to make more space

The more difficult question is the item bag. Who gets a healthy balance of Raid fighting and the farms of Items, the bag usually does not need to expand. Many items are consumed and subsequently refilled by farming. However, that is also very time consuming.

For 200 poké coins, the item bag can be expanded by 50 places in the shop. If you generally work at the limit of capacity, it might be worth considering. Finally, a larger bag is also a clear help, not only for raids. Of course, this decision is up to you.

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event: How to Counter All Raid Bosses

One of the heart of the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event is certainly the upcoming raid battles. From September 13th at 10pm the event will be activated and the first 5-star raids will appear in the early morning. Here then Arktos, Lavados and Zapdos the latch in the hand. Many dedicated coaches will surely have them in the collection. Niantic also promises a significantly increased chance for a shiny version of the three legendary birds. There is no better way to get a legendary Shiny Pokémon at this time. The bonus to the Shiny versions does not apply to Mewtu, at least Niantic has not commented on that.

The damage benefits and counterfeits are based on the data of the website GamePress. This is where the best counter-attacks and damage combinations are found, which are best for the respective raid bosses. Values ​​may change accordingly depending on balance and attack updates.

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event Mewtwo and Co.Source: Niantic
Four powerful Raid bosses. Mewtu (left) is by far the hardest nut.

When do Lavados, Arktos, Zapdos and Mewtu appear?

Fortunately, Niantic has brought out detailed information on this. Earlier we answered the question half way. Incidentally, the three legendary birds share the first full week. After that, Mewtu will be in for a full month. Below is a detailed list of legendary monster appearance dates in the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event.

  • Moltres: September 13, 10 pm to September 20, 10 pm
  • Zapdos: September 3 22:00 to September 20 22 clock
  • Arktos: September 13, 10 pm to September 20, 10 pm
  • Mewtwo: September 20 22 clock to 23 October 22 clock

Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados appear at the same time in the said week and it is pure coincidence, which of the three birds hatched from a 5-star Raid egg. As of September 20, the first three disappear and will be replaced by Mewtu. The latter stays for a full month and can be found in every 5-star raid.

Again, if you win a Raid fight against one of the three legendary birds, Arktos, Zapdos or Lavados, you have an increased chance of getting a Shiny version. This of course applies to the entire period of the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event.

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Lavados: The best counterattack against the firebird

Lavados is considered the weakest of the three birds. At least when it comes to the Raid battles, as he loses quite fast life. Its main element is fire and its second element is flight. Accordingly, he is especially vulnerable to rocks and water. Especially through rocks Lavados receives almost twice the damage (x 1.96)! Therefore, mainly rock Pokémon should be used. Water (x 1.4) is considered a good alternative.

Lavados Counter: These Pokémon help you in combat

  • Tyranitar and Golem: Predominantly with attacks like stone edge, stone throw and / or catapult
  • Amoroso: Predominantly with stone edge, stone throw and / or rock throw
  • kyogre: Cascade and hydraulic pump
  • Aquana: Aquaknarre and hydraulic pump

Even though water Pokémon is in many cases only the second choice here, every trainer will surely already own an Aquana. This greatly facilitates the search for suitable trainers. Especially since Lavados himself does not stand much. We recommend at this point a well-coordinated team of at least four coaches.

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Arktos: The best counterattack against the Kingfisher

Arktos is an ice Pokémon and also has flight as a second element. Like Lavados, Arktos has a big problem with Pokémon of the rock type. Again, almost twice the damage is dealt (x 1.96). As an alternative, steel and fire are also to be used in this case (x1.4). Electric attacks also work against Arctos.

Arctos Counter: These Pokémon help you in combat

  • Tyranitar and Golem: Predominantly with attacks like stone edge, stone throw and / or catapult
  • Moltres: Firewalls and heat scoops
  • Typhlosion: Embers and heat scoops
  • Raikou: Thunder shock and electric shock
  • Flareon: Firewalls and heat scoops or flame throwing

As mentioned above, rock attacks are the best choice if you want to deal the most damage. Of course, if you are already in possession of strong Fire Pokémon, they will go as well. First of all, getting a Flamara is pretty easy and most coaches should already own it. As a legendary alternative also offer Lavados and Raikou (electric).

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Zapdos: The best counter against the electric bird

The last legendary bird in the league is Zapdos. In addition to the obvious electrical affinity also this again has the second element flight. Three times you can now guess against which attacks the electric chicken is also sensitive. Correct! Again it is rock with a factor of 1.96. This makes Geowaz and Despotar the real long-time favorites in the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event. However, the alternatives are somewhat more difficult in this case.

Zapdos Counter: These Pokémon help you in combat

  • Tyranitar and Golem: Predominantly with attacks like stone edge (rock throw), stone throw and / or catapult
  • Mewtwo: Confusion, Psycho Kinetics and Psychokinesis (Spookball)
  • Dragonite: Fire Odor, Dragon's Rod and Tantrum (Dragon's Claw)
  • Raikou: Thunder shock and electric shock
  • rayquaza: Dragon's Rod and Tantrum

As you can already see on the list, Mewtu (if you already own it) and Dragoran are no more of a natural counter-attack, but you can still inflict moderate damage. Raikou, however, like Zapdos is an electric Pokémon, but holds accordingly a lot. Zapdos, like Lavados, hardly holds anything. With the right Pokémon and a sufficiently high level of coaching (at least 30+) already three players can be enough. With four people you are usually already on the safe side.

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Mewtwo: The best counterattack against the psycho boss

Mewtu is by far the most powerful raid boss in Pokémon GO. He is extremely strong and also very effective with his psycho-element against most monsters. Here you should go with at least six coaches in the fight and also have a high level (at least 33+), so that your own Pokémon can be upgraded sufficiently. But Mewtu has a few weak points.

The mighty Pokémon is afraid of spiders, or rather of beetles. Even the darkness does not like Mewtu to do a lot of damage to the Unlight Pokémon. However, the selection is still not very big.

Mewtwo Counterattack: These Pokémon help you in combat

  • Tyranitar: Bite and crunch
  • Scizor: Anger blade (bug bite) and cross scissors
  • Pinsir: Anger blade (bug bite) and cross scissors

If you notice in the fight against Mewtu that he uses as an attack focus kick in the repertoire, then the following Pokémon should also be considered, as they suffer less damage to the attack in proportion.

  • Dragonite: Fire Odor, Dragon's Rod and Tantrum (Dragon's Claw)
  • Gyarados: Bite and crunch
  • Gardevoir: Confusion and haunting ball

Mewtu-Raid: Changes to the system remain to be seen

Unfortunately, it is not yet known what strength Mewtu will appear in the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event. So it's quite possible that Mewtu will maintain his strength and the normal 5-star raid will get the level of difficulty of the EX raid. However, Niantic could adjust the power of Mewtu to make the raid more accessible to all coaches. Here we have to wait for the 20th of September and how the first reports of the coaches will be canceled.

Kangama, Tauros and Porenta from 7km eggs

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event 7-km eggsSource: Marcel Laser / handy.de
Who wants to hatch many eggs, unfortunately, also needs many incubators.

But starting on September 13th at 10pm, not only the new Raid bosses will start. Niantic has prepared a little surprise for all the coaches who have not yet traveled the globe in various locations. From this day on, there is a chance that the Pokémon, each bound to different continents, will hatch from 7km eggs.

For example, Tauros has only been found in the US, Porenta in Asia, and Kangama in Australia. However, there is also the possibility that Pantimos, which is actually intended for Europe, also hatches.

Here it is therefore possible to collect gifts and send them to friends. Likewise to receive gifts from friends. Because the 7-km-eggs are only available from open gifts, which you received from friends in the game.

If you are considering getting the other three Pokémon, you will need a lot of running work. Breeding machines for incubating the eggs can be found in rewards from field research, or in the shop for a certain number of poké coins (how could it be otherwise). An infinite incubator is available to you anyway. But that will take a long time to hatch enough 7k eggs. Unfortunately, only one egg can be hatched per incubator.

Increased emergence of Pokémon from the Kanto region

Apparently, Niantic uses the Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus Event to celebrate the Pokémon from the Kanto region. These are all pocket monsters from the first generation of the game. These occur much more often in the wild during the event than the Pokémon from the other regions. So, if you are planning to complete your Pokédex, you will get your money's worth.


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