Pokémon GO: You should keep these legacy attacks (Guide)


15.04.2018 at 10:00 o’clock In Pokémon GO, your Pokémon sometimes learn attacks that are not available in the game after a while – the so-called legacy moves. If you let one of your Pokémon unlearn such an attack, you have no chance to retrieve it, unless Niantic brings it back into the game someday. But which legacy moves are worth keeping? This question is clarified here in our guide.

Legacy moves, that is, attacks your Pokémon have learned at some point but are no longer available in the game; there are in it Pokémon GO a whole lot. Some of these attacks are especially good, others less. But because you can not relearn those attacks as soon as your Pokémon has forgotten them, the question arises: Which legacy moves should your Pokémon really keep? So that you are not alone in answering this question, we have for you based on an article by Pokemongohub the most important and best legacy moves sorted by Pokémon types listed here for you. This list serves as a guide and is based on the current status of the Pokémon GO Meta-Game. If Niantic adds new attacks to the game in the long run, it can affect the importance of each legacy attack.

By the way, if you have to choose between two Pokémon, one of which has a legacy attack listed in the list but much less CP than the other, you should still choose the Pokémon with the Legacy Attack. These legacy moves surpass all other attacks to an extent that should compensate for CP weakness. Pokémon GO: The Best Legacy Standard Attacks For the standard legacy attacks in Pokémon GO, you should definitely keep the following attacks: Gengar: Darkclaw – Gengar with Darkclaw is great against Psycho Raid bosses and should not be missed in any combat team. Dragoran: Feuerodem – Feuerodem is slightly inferior to DRO in the matter of DPS, but scores points at high speed. Kokowei: Confusion – confusion is the best standard attack for Koko in the DPS category, which is particularly good at playing out its strengths in the Meta. Amoroso: Stone Throw – If you need an outstanding rock pokemon, then Amoroso even surpasses Geowaz by throwing stones. Garados: Dragon Rod – With the help of the Dragonstrike Dragon Attack, the Water Pokémon Garados scores especially in raids against Dragon Pokémon. Pokémon GO: The Best Legacy Charge Attacks When it comes to recharge attacks, you’re best advised to take the following legacy moves: Lapras: Icebeam – Because Icebeam has two loadbars, it’s better than Blizzard in battle: The likelihood that you can use your icecream before Lapras retires is simply higher than Blizzard’s. Dragoran: Dragon Claw and Draco Meteor – Dragon Claw is slightly inferior to DPS in Tantrum, but it can be done quickly. Draco Meteor, on the other hand, causes more DPS than tantrum, but instead of the three beams of Dragon’s Claw has only one loading bar. Relaxo: Bodyslam – If you want to defend an arena with Relaxo, be sure to choose Bodyslam as an attack. Because this legacy move is hard for your opponents to dodge, also Bodyslam is Relaxo’s best defensive attack overall. Amoroso: Steinhagel – Steinhagel is the best rock-type charging attack on the DPS with two loading bars in the game – making Amoroso a must-have. Bisaflor: Florastatue – If you grabbed a florafatue bisaflor during the past community event, you should not let this attack unlearn you. The reasons can be found in our separate guide to Bisaflor and the community day read. Now you’re asked: Which legacy moves do you think are among the best in Pokémon GO? Write us your opinion in the comments and read more news about the game on our Pokémon GO Series Page , advertisement: The current bestselling smartphone Discover now on Amazon

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